Specialities of our cuisine warm your heart

We are ready to provide you meals right in the guest house, in cosy restaurant with bar for 40 persons. You can comfortably sit with the glass of good wine or draft beer on the summer terrace.

If you would like to prepare some meals by yourself, the garden grill is fully at your disposal.

Bon Appétit...

The restaurant is daily opened for accommodated guests as well as for public during the winter and summer season. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner a la carte. We would like to put into your attention good prices for half board and full board as well. Out of season is the restaurant suitable for family celebrations, parties and various entertainments to 20 persons.

“People say that LOVE GOES THROUGH STOMACH. Everybody loves good meal and the pleasant feeling of satisfaction. Many of us can sense good taste and aroma of prepared meal and can really appreciate its aesthetic experience.

I can say that it is also true in my case. When I was on speaking terms with my husband, I was impressed by his knowledge of gastronomy and how delicious was the meal that he prepared. Cooking is not only his hobby, it is also his job. He works as a chef cook.

Together with my husband and his parents that work in our family-run guest house, I would to invite you to taste the specialities of Slovak and international cuisine, prepared from poultry, fish and other meat types as well as traditional receipts from the region Liptov. ”

We are wishing you
Bon Appétit

Zuzana Baďová

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